A couple days ago I participated in the AWS Dev Ops Auckland challenge, which was a semi serious competition. I was lucky to be in a team which had the right skill sets to quickly figure out some of the early challenges, however in the mad rush at the start we ended up cutting off traffic in to our environment. We very quickly ended up in 23rd place, which was last place.

It took us a while to figure out why this we had lost traffic in to the environment and at the same time continue with the other problems. Once we resolved the issue with the traffic a interesting thing happened which was we slowly started making our way up the leaderboard and in the final few hours we ended up going from last all the way to 5th.

I won’t go into the actual details into how we did this as it will ruin the challenge for others who are still to do it. I thought the entire challenge was well thought out in terms of complexity and the problems which needed to be solved.